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We are committed to providing career awareness and industry knowledge to high school and college students so they are confidently positioned to choose their career next steps.

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We create fun and educative video content at the intersection of education and industry with the goal to empower young people to confidently choose a career path. Our career overview videos can be used as educative and informative tools for teachers, guidance counselors, students, and parents.

We believe that just like representation, awareness is important to create a desire and a vision toward a specific goal. The more young people know about industries and possible career paths, the more informed they are about deciding on a course for their future.

For Students

We get it. Choosing a major can be hard.

It’s like when adults ask you what you want to do for the rest of your life.

The pressure!

But it doesn’t have to be.

The more you learn about the possibilities and opportunities in our world, the more you can put your strengths and skills where you’re most likely to succeed. 

teachers and career counselors


We support you by providing resources that help you engage with your students as you guide them through this crucial transition.

Parents of students


Our goal is to empower your student, so they know what to expect in their field of choice and take on their futures.

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STEM career tips for students


Discover opportunities in STEM and the skills you’ll need to thrive in these fields. From various engineering fields to computer science and information technology, you’ll find your path the more you know.

Healthcare career tips for students

Health Science

Discover careers in health sciences and the schools and programs that can prepare you for future success. From nursing to pharmacy and other healthcare operations, you’ll discover your unique skills the more you explore.

Information technology career tips for students

Information Technology

Discover careers and economies possibilities in Information technology. From web design to network administrators and security analysts, the more you learn the better your chances of making the right career choice for you.

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